Some users report us about delays with posts queue. We are investigating this issue. We apologize if you are experiencing such inconveniences. Thanks for your patience.
Please, make sure that your Instagram account works fine with before subscribe. Due to the Refund Policy all payments are non-refundable.


Why do I have to pass username and password from my Instagram account?
Since the Instagram's official API doesn't allow automatic and delayed photos loading, we need your username and password in order to represent your account in Instagram.

I am worried about my account. Is it safe?
Yes, it is. We won't store your password and use it only once for Instagram authorization.

What can I post using the service?
The service allows you to post pictures and text descriptions to them.

Can I post videos?
Unfortunately, there is no such an option available at the moment.

I have registered a new Instagram account. Can I use the service?
Yes, you can use the service. But first you should verify your email address and post at least 5-6 photos from your mobile device.

In case I don’t renew my subscription, what happens to my data and account settings, will all the info be deleted?
Your data will not be deleted, though we save accounts in our system for one year, so you can renew the subscription and resume using the service.

Should I pay to use your service?
Yes, but we provide one-week free trial, so you could check all the service opportunities and functionality.

Is it possible that my Instagram account could be banned by using your service?
Our service had no such incidents. There is no difference between our service user and a regular user of Instagram.

Can I create an Instagram account using your service?
No, you can create new account only by using Instagram application on your mobile device.

Do I need to install any software on my computer to use
No installation required. is 100% online service. You can work from any browser.

If you didn't find the answer to your question, please email us