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Getting started with

Can I create an Instagram account from my computer?
No, it's impossible. intended only for posting from a computer. You can create Instragram account from your mobile device.

Ok, I've created an account. Can I start to post images to instagram from my computer?
Instagram doesn't trust newly created accounts. You must publish at least 3-4 photos from your mobile device before start using

How to connect my instagram account to the service?
To connect an account, click "Add Account" button in your dashboard and enter login and password from your Instagram account. For more details go to the instructions on adding an account.

Instagram account confirmation - what is it and why is it necessary?
Sometimes Instagram can ask you to confirm the actions of your Instagram account. This verification is necessary for the service to work properly and for the security of your account. To verify your account, you need to login to Instagram from your mobile device or from web-site For more details go to the instructions on adding an account

Take a few minutes to watch our video-guide How to upload photo to instagram from PC

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